Storm Brain Designs Company Overview

Say Hello to Storm Brain Designs.

Website Design San DiegoStorm Brain Designs was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur and graphic design expert Blake J. Nolan. We offer innovative and top quality marketing, branding and creative services to organizations of every size, industry and scale. While our results are worthy of a topnotch design and marketing firm, our price tag and commitment to customer service are keeping in line with our small agency background.

Storm Brain uses in-house creative, design and technical talent as well as trusted vendors to offer full-service marketing, design and branding services.

From Blake J. Nolan:

“Each time Storm Brain takes on a new project, our goal is to absolutely blow the client away. We ask ourselves how we can make their brand more memorable, their website so sticky that visitors won’t want to leave, and how we can develop a video campaign so entertaining that it goes viral across the web. In other words, we see every project as a challenge to dramatically improve each client’s marketing and branding endeavors. We’re up to that challenge.” — Blake J. Nolan